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Every Cityami experience starts with our essential service. Cityami will care for your Airbnb, VRBO, or other home sharing guest from pre check-in to post-departure. We're here to answer any questions your guests may have, offer a local's tips to New York City (Like what is truly the best pizza), and tend to any emergencies that might arise (and often times do) throughout the duration of their stay.

Included in our essential service

Before your guest's arrival, we'll make sure they have all of the directions and instructions they need to arrive safely, stop by your apartment to make sure everything is ready for them and leave a little welcome present. 

During your guest's stay, we will be on call 24/7 to answer any questions they may have or tend to any emergencies that might arrive. We'll also send tips on events or places to see we think might interest them throughout their stay, because that's what it means to have local care! 

After your guest's stay is complete, we will give the apartment a final check to make sure your home is returned in the same condition you left it. Whatever your hosting need, we're here to help!


Cleaning Service: Includes hotel grade cleaning and linen change as well as essentials restocking (toilet paper, paper towels, mini soaps, mini shampoo, mini conditioner, makeup remover, and a vanity kit).

Laundry Service: We work with TrrigrSudzy, and to offer laundry service. Use code "Cityami" to receive $10 off your first order with Trrigr. Prefer to use your own laundromat? Just make sure you have a valid card on file, let us know the account information and you're all set!


Need something extra during your guest's stay? We're on it!

Errands: Includes small pick-ups and deliveries and anything else you might need.

Specialized Services: Includes licensed services such as plumbing, locksmiths, etc.

More Questions? See our FAQ.