4th Annual MOMO CRAWL in Jackson Heights Saturday Nov. 14th 2pm-5pm

It’s never too late to become familiar with a momo. This weekend’s 4th Annual MOMO CRAWL in easy to reach Jackson Heights, Queens, known as the “The Momo Capital of the West”. 

Momos (:) are bite-size dumplings stuffed with different types of meats and/or vegetables and steamed or sautéed.  a well-seasoned juicy momo won’t need any add-ons. But why not taste all the sauces you come across as the participating vendors will surely have their own twist on condiments like hot and fiery tomato chutney, fresh cilantro chutney, sesame paste, and garlic chili sauce. Similar in concept to Chinese dumplings, momos originated in Tibet and have become a food staple in Nepal as well as India. Momos have come to New York via the largest Tibetan community in US.

During the Momo Crawl you’ll use a specially designed map to locate 20 different momo vendors selling their treats for $1. You can pick up the momo-map at the start of the event for the price of “one bill of any denomination.”  You’ve got until 5 pm to wander the area and stuff as many momos into your mouth as you want.  At 5 p.m., the crowd gathers at the starting location to vote for their favorite momo purveyor. The winner takes home the coveted Momo Trophy.  You can take home a free momo-henna tattoo by SamArt - Contour.

WHEN: Sat, Nov 14 from 2 pm – 5 pm  

START/END LOCATION: Diversity Plaza, 37th Road and 73rd Street in Jackson Heights, right off of the 7 Train “74th Street- Broadway Station”.