Do you really need to buy new linens?

Airbnb Linens

Think of you vacation rental as it started - a new spin on bed and breakfasts. So, when you imagine your own ideal experience in a bed and breakfast, imagine what the bedding looks like. Does a faded, slightly stained comforter sound welcoming? Sheets with miscellaneous spots on them? We thought not. While these stains might be old news to you, something you've grown used to seeing , to someone new staying in your home they're more than uninviting - they're a bit scary. They could also be the difference between a 3-star and a 5-star rating for cleanliness. 

Our advice? Buy clean, white sheets and a white duvet + cover that can be washed easily between guests. Why white? Well, for one - white naturally looks clean and pristine. White can also be bleached - and you'll want to bleach it often.  Guests will inadvertently spill things, leave the sheets on the floor, sleep with their makeup on, etc. These are all things that can stain.

Happy hosting!