My guest showed up with an unexpected friend.. now what?

Whether you rent an entire apartment or just a room in your home, sooner or later, this will happen to every host. As part of the sharing economy, you've opened your home to visiting guests - you've become part of a new generation, a generation that isn't afraid to share their home. Then someone new, unexpected shows up. Whether your rental is from Airbnb, VRBO, or any number of services - this wasn't in the plans. What do you do?

There's no need to panic. More likely than not, your guest just felt so comfortable in your home that they didn't think it was an issue to bring someone else - a simple misunderstanding. After all, do they need to ask permission to bring friends to a hotel or to their home? No, of course not. So what to do? Of course, do as your manners would have you do - and welcome your guest's friend. Offer them a glass of water. Then, casually, ask whether they're stopping in for a moment or plan to spend the night. Chances are your guest wasn't aware you charge extra for additional guests, and now is your time to let them know. If your home can't accommodate additional guests, don't hesitate to let them know - kindly. 

The trick with Airbnb, VRBO, and any number of international home sharing platforms is that misunderstandings happen before you know what happened. Whether it be a cultural difference or a simple misunderstanding, always approach the situation kindly, giving your guest the benefit of the doubt. Chances are they had no poor intention whatsoever. Who knows, their friend might just be one of the most interesting people you'll ever meet!