Lots of Visits but no bookings?


Are you having trouble with your listing? Lots of visits but no actual bookings? Here are some suggestions to help improve your results:


1. Do you have more than a 4-day minimum? While it's recommended to have a minimum that makes financial sense for you, having a minimum length of stay requirement can also limit your business. Imagine you have almost the whole month booked, and only a few days available, because listing sites like Airbnb, VRBO, and booking.com will  only shows listings that are available during the dates being searched for, your posting won't be shown unless guests match your exact availability.  Try to do some research on the type of guests who are appropriate for your listing, and how long they typically stay in your city. Having a high minimum will prevent people who are looking for a brief stay from booking your space or even knowing it exists. With a lower minimum, you're able to host guests who are looking for either a short stay or a longer one, thus being able to increase your search results. Business travelers tend to visit for a few days, and are a great source of repeat business. Opening up your listing to shorter stays could mean you’ll appeal to people who travel for business. They may even add a few days at the end of their stay simply to enjoy your home and the city!

2. Answer your inquiries and booking requests as fast as possible. Most listing sites monitor this and give preference to those who respond quickly. Not only do most guests book the first host to respond, it will also help you in building your reputation as a caring and welcoming host.

3. Try to share honest and accurate, yet appealing and welcoming photos of your appartment. Set the appropriate expectations, but also paint the picture for eager anticipation before your guest's arrival!  

4. Add an exciting description of your neighborhood. You know why you love and chose to live where you do. Now share this with your potential guests! Include a few snippets about  the main attractions and transportation types in your area, along with travel time to the most popular destinations in your city. When writing these guides, be sure to plan according to the type of guests you think will be best suited to your listing.