How To Improve Your Listings

1.   Take The Right Pictures

The quality of your pictures is very important for guests to select and book your Airbnb. Most important is to show your home exactly how it is in order to give your guests an idea of what to expect. Take pictures with good resolution and show your guests how they’re going to find your place when they arrive - clean and welcoming. 

2.   Make your listing a destination, not just a rental.

Airbnb makes it possible for you to stay at a unique apartment every time and everywhere you travel. Make sure your apartment doesn’t look like every other boring apartment. Give it identity and personality! Guests are always looking for something new, something they haven’t yet seen. Your apartment could be just what they are looking for!

Additionally - If your location is a an added bonus for your listing, your customers are going to want to know what they could do around the area. Think of all the amazing views, parks, events and tourist attractions - and share it with them!

3.   Build Your Listing Based on Trust

Your listing can be built on trust, and the best way to build it is through your guests’ reviews - bookings will start coming in faster! Leave guest reviews and prove to your future guests that you’re an engaged and active host who cares.

Make sure you are getting consistently positive reviews, and address any complaints proactively by being professional and helpful. 

Providing a personal service is also a good way to show that you care for you guests. If you’re away and can’t handle your Airbnb’s the way you’d like to, Cityami can help you host your guests while you're away. We answer questions they may have, offer local tips to New York City, and attend to any emergencies that might arise throughout the duration of their stay.