House Manual Survey

Every home is a little bit different. So, we have a few questions about how it works. Using this information, our team will prepare a detailed guide for your guest's use throughout their stay. Ready?

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What is your rental address? *
What is your rental address?
Include details such as which way to turn the key, whether they need to hold it in place while pushing the door open, and tricks for sticky locks. If your locks are particularly bad, a YouTube video of your showing them how to open the door is recommended.
Please remove shoes, Fire Escape is Off Limits, etc
Details such as the type of heater, and how to turn it off entirely help. If there are space heaters available, please share their location and any warnings.
If your building tends to suffer from low/no water pressure or temperature control issues, please let us know as well.
Include notes about which HDMI port or channel should be on, which remotes to use for each device, etc.
Please also included recommended maximum volume (in order to avoid noise complaints).
Please also share whether guests are allowed to use your detergent, etc.
Be sure to include notes about any required detergents or drying agents.
Please include the name, address, and cross-streets.
Please include the name, address, and cross-streets.
Please include any tips such as "Long wait, arrive before 12pm" or "call ahead for a reservation".
Please include the name, address, and cross-streets.
Please include both the subway and station name. If there are multiple lines near you, inlcude this. For example "The 1 train at Christopher St. is 3 minutes away. The A/C/E/B/D/F/M at W 4 St. is 5 minutes away. The 1 train runs local, so I generally recommend walking the extra distance to W 4 St."
Great, you're all set! If you've requested a copy of your answers, please keep an eye out. It should be arriving shortly!
- The Cityami Team